About me and us

I was a young girl when I first had the chance to visit Iran. It was the glorious 70s. As happened many times in the history before, during those years Iran was one of the centers of the world. Geo-politically its magnetic appeal concentrated strenghts from various sources. Its beauty was nevertheless overwhelming all the rest. From white slopes on mountains to dry salted deserts, from orange trees lined on sea shores to green hidden oasis, from ancient stone tombs to colorful islamic domes, Persia always enchanted all travellers.

This is a tribute to my father Nico. To his profound love for art and history. With thankfulness for the passion he transmitted me for the unique culture of the Persian land, for the everchanging colors of its nature, for the infinite details of its history, for its mystic poetry, for the gentle dignity of its citizens.

In the last years I brought several groups of tourists to Iran, letting them discover all historical heritages and culture and current warmth and unique gentleness of its people.

My hope is that an increasing number of people will have the opportunity to discover the past and present richness of this country, by reading and by travelling to Iran.

Might the world know and appreciate this wonderland.

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