Jewelry and cult - For thousands of years the jewelry in Central Asia was inseparable from rites and cult practices.
The dome, a persian inheritance - The dome has been vital to the development of Persia’s great architectural achievements, as well as to world future architecture.
The symbolic geometry of persian gardens - The symbol of the digit 4, representing the four sacred elements, fire, air, water and land, has very old origins. 
The Gate of All Lands - The ruins of Persepolis, symbol of Persian might at its zenith, rise starkly today from a plain in southern Iran, set on a walled terrace
Persian miniature - Persian miniature begins with the Mongol Ilkhanid dinasty in the 13th century. First artists followed the Mesopotamian traditions with figures tied
The monumental tombs in Naqsh-e-Rostam - Just a few kilometers north of Persepolis, the monumental tombs of Darius II, Artaxerxes I and Darius I were hewn into a rock cliff
The grandeur of Isfahan architecture - Shah Abbas I (1589-1627) was the Safavid dinasty shah who designated Isfahan as capital. He reconstituted it with so many new mosques, palaces,