10 days – 8 nights


The tour starts with the visit of Teheran, the capital and the most populated town of the country with 12 millions of habitants and its rich and fascinating museums, from where we leave by flight to Shiraz in the Southern regions. We follow a circuit with a private minivan which explore the central region with its  desert highplan and its cultivateur valleys, up north to the capital. From Shiraz, city of roses and poetry, we visit the millenary ruins of Persepolis, the achemenid capital, and Naqsh-e Rostam, where we visit the rocky sepultures  of four emperors. We continue to the ancient site of Pasagardae, founded by Cyrus the Great, and we arrive to Yade, the city of straw and clay, capital of Zoroaster cult and of badghir, the wind towers, considered one of  the most ancient cities in the world. We continue towards the mitic Esfahan, known as the'”Other half of the world“, where we stay for two days to admire squares, mosques, palaces, gardens, bridges, caravansérais, madressés and hammers that made it one of the most beautiful and appreciated cities of the world, thanks to the mecenatisme and the love for the art of its Shah safavide Abbas I. The two last stages are Kashan, that following the legend was homeland to Kings Mages and was enriched during the XIX century with gorgeous private houses and Qom, the holy city for Sciites, with its mosques and mausoleums, where to dive for a few hours into the religious heart of the country.

  1. Flight to Tehran   
  2. Tehran – Shiraz 
  3. Shiraz and Persepoli   
  4. Shiraz – Pasagardae – Yazd   
  5. Yazd  
  6. Yazd – Esfahan   
  7. Esfahan   
  8. Esfahan – Kashan 
  9. Kashan — Qom and return flight  
  10. Arrival